Different types of coffee plants are grown in a nursery under controlled conditions.


Harvesting beans is done for up to 2 weeks, with skilled and selective, Farmers must choose coffee that red beans because when it was really ready to be picked. Picking the seeds are too old can result in a broken coffee beans or it will be a black colour, and picking the beans are still green in colour or too young can lead to damage such as brown or brown bean seeds that can affect the flavor.


Pulping is the process of separating the flesh from the seed using a pulping machine. Manual pulping is a slower process command to using a machine.


Fermentation is the process of soaking the seeds to cleaning the dirt once the determination of whether or not seeds. Fermentation is done for approximately intensively one to two days. The fermentation process is not allowed for too long because it can lead to excessive acidic flavor that coffee (like the smell of stale / fermented). Good coffee beans will sink and some will float seeds are seeds that hollow / solid no. After the beans are washed and dried of moisture.