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We roast the coffee beans only when your orders are placed online, so you’ll only get the freshest roast possible.

It’s true, timing matters. Contact us to get freshest roasted coffee beans.

We are a reliable Exporter and Supplier of Arabica Roasted Coffee Beans . The Beans that are offered by us are quality checked and has superb taste. They are free from all sorts of adulterations and dirt. With us, feel free to place bulk orders and we will deliver them within the promised timeframe.

The degree to which coffee beans are roasted is one of the most important factors that determine the taste of the coffee in the cup. Before roasting, green coffee beans are soft, with a fresh smell and little or no taste. The coffee roasting process transforms these raw beans into the distinctively aromatic, flavorful, crunchy beans that we recognize as coffee, because coffee beans vary, color is not an especially accurate way of judging a roast. But combined with the typical roasting temperature that yields a particular shade of brown, color is a convenient way to categorize roasting levels.

Sumatra Arabica Gayo

Characteristic: Medium gold roasted coffee with mild, spicy flavor, and full body with smooth after taste.

Sumatra Arabica Mandheling (Mandailing)

Characteristic: Good fragrance with nutty aroma, spicy, earthy, tobacco, and full body.

Sumatra Arabica Kerinci, Solok Selatan, Padang, West Sumatra

Characteristic: Floral, Fruity, dark chocholate, Wild Black Honey, sweet finish, Intense body.

Sumatra Robusta Sidikalang

Characteristic: spicy, chocolaty, earthy taste with smokey and earthy aroma, fruity taste.

Sumatra House Blend

House blend (Arabica blend Robusta coffee), unique or not, are generally expected to offer value to the customer. The implication is, step back from the Sumatra characteristic with delicacy and balance. It’s very popular with our costumer, café/coffeshop. It’s match use fresh milk or latte.

Characteristic: earthy, medium acidity, full body and strong after taste.