Drying stage 1:

In this process the beans still have an outer layer called a leather shell. Before removing, the beans must be dried.

Hulling(coffee shell skin stripping)

Hulling is the separation of the shells from the coffee beans. This process is done using a Hulling machine. If the machine is not calibrated correctly then the quality of the beans will affected. For example good nails. This is a term used when the bean split. This can be seen as a defect and lower the value of the bean. When the hulling has been done the seeds are still damp, they are sometimes called “pumpkin”.

Drying stage 2:

After hulling the seeds need to be dried further. If the conditions are to damp then the beans will suffer from mold on mildew, causing them to “spoil”. The beans are spread in a warm, dry, shady area, and using sunlight dried until a further 12-13 percent of the moisture is evaporated. The end result of this process is called “original coffee beans”. Further sorting is required next.

Sorting and grading

Sorting is doing to separate the seeds perfectly between seeds defects. The seeds are discarded as black beans, brown, broken, hull (skin shell), moldy grain, seeds nail goats, foreign objects, and so forth. This seed is called pixel which has a very low sale value.