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About Us
About Us

Our company's identity is rooted in joining the principles of scientific investigation with fearless exploration. Bring this spirit of investigation to your cafe or coffeeshop by becoming a wholesale partner with our Company. We love to share the experience, we have gained, and to act as a resource for other coffee professionals at any stage of their journey.

We can supply you with our existing single-origin or blended coffee options, or we will work with you in person at our roastery in Medan, North Sumatra, Indonesia to create your own blend that fits your aesthetic and budget. We supply coffee in bulk, either whole bean or ground, ready to be served in your café or restaurant or hotels. We offer coffee bagged and labeled for quick retail sale to your customers in our packaging, or your existing packaging.

Once roasted, we can label and bag the coffee so it is ready for retail sale or shipping to neighbor islands, the mainland or internationally. We roast the coffee beans only when your orders are placed online, so you’ll only get the freshest roast possible. It’s true, timing matters.

We prepare it under the strict sanitary conditions. Only after strict quality checking, our procurement team sources it. Our Sumatra Coffee beans are accurately roasted and has superb taste. We pack it in qualitative food-grade packaging material so that its quality stays intact for a longer period of time.